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Sam woke up feeling, well he didn't know quite what he was feeling, he just knew it was something entirely different. He was glad to be back at the Hummel's after his trip with Blaine to NYC but he knew it in his bones that Lima would be a memory for him as soon as he graduated. After his weekend, he knew that New York was the place for him. Blaine, of course would be right there with him, every step of the way. A sudden realization dawned on him, every time he thought Blaine's name, he got a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach, like a tiny acrobat flipping around in the bottom of his belly. That was definitely a new feeling he surmised. He got up and started getting ready for school when his phone rang, he glanced down at the number and smiled when he saw that it was Blaine that was calling. That tiny gymnast starting doing it's thing again.

"Hey Sam, what's up?" Blaine asked, his voice excited.

"Um, nothing, why?" He really wasn't used to Blaine calling this early in the morning.

"No reason really. Just wanted to see if you needed me to pick you up this morning. I got another idea for a song we could do for Billy Joel, I mean I know we probably are done with him today and all but Kurt mentioned this great song last night and . . . "

"Yeah, i mean no, I don't need a ride. Burt is in D.C. right now so he left me the pick up." Right now all he wanted to do was get off the phone, the gymnastics taking place in his gut were becoming very disconcerting. "We can talk about it later, ok?"

"Sure, okay." Blaine replied, "See you in sociology then." He frowned at the phone as he hung up, it sure seemed to him that Sam was giving him the brush off and that was very unlike him. He shrugged it off and it was quickly forgotten as he sent a quick text to Kurt, his daily countdown to graduation and New York.

22 more days until we can be together forever! I love you! Have a great day!!!

He smiled happily as he gathered up his things. His life was now back on track and with Kurt firmly behind him, he felt invincible. He already had a job lined up at the diner with Kurt and Rachel and Santana, a place to live and a man to come home to. Now all he needed was to get into NYADA or some other NYC school and his life would be perfect.

Sam, on the other hand, was feeling considerably less certain about things. He was so distracted trying to figure out what was going on with him and Blaine that he nearly backed the truck into a pole, twice. He made it to school and was grateful that Penny wasn't there today, he didn't need to see her on top of everything else that was going on in his head.

"Hey man." Blaine called out before patting him on the back. "How's it going?" He gave Sam a warm, genuine smile that made Sam's legs feel like rubber. He leaned back against the lockers to keep himself upright. Maybe he needed a nurse after all. "You okay Sam?" Blaine asked as gave a concerned look, his hand resting on Sam's shoulder. Was Blaine always this handsy, Sam wondered.

"I'm cool, just got a little dizzy for a second." He said abruptly before shrugging Blaine's hand off his arm. He swallowed hard, all the while keeping his eyes on the ground, afraid to meet Blaine's gaze.

"You sure, you look a little funny." Blaine asked as he examined Sam more closely. Sam could feel his breath on his neck and the smell of his cologne began permeating his brain. Sam straightened up quickly, he had to get away from Blaine, away from these feelings. "Maybe you need to see the nurse." Blaine gave him a knowing smile as he waggled his eyebrows. Sam nodded and looked up at the ceiling.

"Yeah maybe I do," he said quietly. Or maybe I need to go see a shrink he thought to himself. Blaine considered his behavior, something was definitely up with Sam but he was obviously not going to share it with him.

"Need me to help?" Blaine asked, his hand on the small of Sam's back. Sam stiffened immediately.

"No, nope, I'm good. Gotta run, probably won't make Glee practice today, gotta do some stuff." He said as he practically sprinted down the hall. Blaine stood there watching him go, unsure of what had just occurred. He sighed heavily as he headed to his craft class, he was pretty sure Sam would tell him what was going on in his own time. They were best friends after all.

True to his word, Sam skipped glee rehearsal. He couldn't fathom being that close again to Blaine. Blaine and his cute bowties and apple hair gel. He smacked himself with an open palm. What was wrong with him? Why was he thinking of Blaine like this? Blaine was his best friend, the best friend he had ever had, and now here he was thinking about him like, like he was in love with him or something. He blinked quickly, 'whoa, love? Where the hell did that come from?' There was no way he could care for Blaine in that way, he was straight, he liked girls, loved girls as a matter of fact, had been with a lot of them. But when he tried to remember all the girls he had been with, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, none of them gave him the feelings that he did when he thought about Blaine.

He sat in the living room, staring at the fireplace, unsure about what to do. He supposed he could tell Blaine how he felt, after all, he knew exactly how Blaine felt about him. Or did he now? Blaine's feelings for him all occurred while he was broken up from Kurt, now that they were back together, he wondered if they were still there. He figured they still must be there on some level, you don't just stop being attracted to someone, do you? He shook his head, what was he thinking? This was just some fluke thing, some weird anomaly that happens every now and again. He was sure that when he woke up tomorrow, things would be back to normal. Yes, he decided things would be better in the morning, and if they weren't, well he wasn't going to allow himself to think about that right how. He smiled and got up, ready to make himself some dinner. He stiffened immediately when the doorbell rang. He knew it in his gut who was behind that door. Maybe if he didn't answer, Blaine would just go away.

"Sam?" Blaine called out as he started knocking on the door. "You home?" Sam stood quietly, hoping Blaine couldn't see or hear him. Blaine was nothing if not persistent. "Sam, open up. I know you're there, the truck's here." Sam sighed heavily, this was not happening. He plastered on his best fake smile and opened the door.

"Hey, Blaine, what's up?" He grinned stupidly at Blaine. Blaine eyed him suspiciously but said nothing, just thrusting a bunch of sheet music at him.

"We got the music for nationals today. Thought you might like to get started on it. I'm going to get to sing lead on this one." He showed Sam the music for "Feels Like the First Time" by Boston. "I think I remember my parents playing it. Do you know it?" Sam gulped and nodded. Blaine moved into the house, Sam following behind him. "Want to help me practice?" He asked, turning to look at Sam, who had been looking, as it turns out, at Blaine's ass. Now he knew he had a real problem. He knew for a fact that he had never noticed another man's butt before. He started to sweat and became as pale as a ghost.

"Sam? Sam? Dude, are you okay?" Blaine asked as he eased him into a chair. "You're not looking so good. You want some water or something?" Blaine looked at him with concern. He nodded quickly, needing Blaine to get away from him immediately if not sooner.

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