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Separate Ways

It was a beautiful spring day in New York City with the trees budding and birds chirping and Kurt Hummel had never felt happier. He almost felt guilty he was this happy as it didn't seem right in light of the events of the past month. Everyday he woke up with a feeling like a hole in the pit of his stomach, a hole that would never be filled now that Finn was no longer around. But then, he would look on his left hand and see that small band of gold sitting there and know that he was loved, valued, treasured. He was so glad that he and Blaine had gotten back together before Finn's death, he didn't think he could have been as strong without him there by his side, holding him up, keeping him together. If they could get through everything that had happened in the past year, he figured their married life was going to be a cakewalk.

As he rounded the corner, heading for his vocal performance class, strains of 'All You Need is Love' ghosting from his mouth, he failed to notice the tall Brit standing before him.

"Kurt Hummel, long time no see." Adam commented politely. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you had been avoiding me." Kurt smiled and gulped hard as he stared up into Adam's eyes, trying to get a read on his mood by looking into them. He only got Adam's trademark sweet smile.

"Adam, hey, no, nothing like that." Kurt said quickly. He had ended things with him, less than six weeks ago he surmised. There had been no drama, just Kurt's quiet admission that whatever there was between the two of them, was not working for him. They had said they would still be friends, such a cliche thing to say now that Kurt thought back upon it. "Things . . . things, have been, well crazy." He stammered out as he nervously played with his scarf. The sun reflected off the ring, drawing Adam's attention to it.

"Did you get married since we spoke last?" His chin nodding towards the ring. Kurt looked down at the ring and then up to Adam's surprised face quickly.

"Um, no." Kurt whispered. "Not exactly." Adam raised an eyebrow but said nothing. "It's an engagement ring." Adam raised both eyebrow.

"I guess congratulations are in order then?" Adam said quietly. He hated to admit it but this really bothered him. It wasn't as if he saw Kurt and himself together for the long haul, he hadn't. They really never had gotten serious with one another, having never even slept together, yet this still was a tremendous shock to him.

"Thanks." Kurt replied as he stuck his hand in his pocket. He hadn't been avoiding Adam, well not purposefully, at any rate. But he hadn't gone to any great lengths to speak to him as well. Adam had texted him a few times and called on a couple of occasions but Kurt had never gotten back to him. Of course, there had been some rather big extenuating circumstances.

"Anyone I know?" Adam asked curiously, although he had a very strong suspicion about who Kurt's fiancé was. "Or did that hot guy from your dance class make it official?" He tried to sound casual. Kurt laughed before turning red. He had forgotten how he and Adam had collectively drooled over, what was his name, Kurt couldn't remember.

"Sadly no. I think he dropped out."

"Damn." Adam murmured. "I was going to ask him out soon." Kurt smiled softly at him. "It's Blaine isn't it?" Kurt nodded. Adam scratched his head and looked around for a minute before returning his gaze to Kurt. "I never really stood a chance with you, did I?" Kurt glanced away, watching the fountain outside. How could he answer Adam's question and not make it seem like Adam had only been a rebound, a brief refuge from the storm? He motioned his head towards a small sitting area.

"I, I wanted us to work." Kurt began as they sat. "I swear, I tried I really did. But, you have to understand, what Blaine and I had, have," He corrected himself quickly, "it was hard to get past. He is my first love and try as I might to let him go, i couldn't. He, to coin a phrase, completes me." He toyed with the ring as he spoke. "After he cheated on me, I never thought I could forgive him but he showed me, proved to me that he would never do anything like that again." Adam nodded he had seen for himself how difficult it had been for Kurt.

"So what changed? Six weeks ago you said you didn't think you were ready for anything serious. This seems pretty serious to me." Kurt noticed the change in his tone immediately.

"I went back to Lima to go to the doctor with my dad. I stayed around for sectionals and the whole time Blaine and I hung out and it was like old times, nothing had changed. After I got back from that is when I broke up with you because I knew that I wasn't ready to move on from Blaine and it wasn't fair to you. I went back for spring break and . . ." he made a wide gesture with his hand, "and he swept me off of my feet. One day we're back together and the next he's proposing." Adam looked at him questionably.

"So you just get back together and then you're engaged? Does seem a bit hurried, are one of you pregnant?" Kurt laughed, loudly.

"As if. Yeah, I guess it might seem that way, and I kind of thought the same thing at first. But, the proposal . . ." his voice became soft, "it was everything." It was true, so long as he lived, Kurt would never forget those words, the love and meaning that went into them. They were the most important things anyone would or ever say to him and he would treasure them for the rest of his life.

"Well if that's what you really want Kurt, i'm happy for you." He grabbed Kurt's hand and gave it a quick squeeze. "You deserve every happiness." He stood to leave. "Tell Santana and Rachel good bye for me."

"Did you ever meet Finn?" Kurt asked, noticing that it still hurt to say his name. Adam looked at him curiously.

"Wasn't that Rachel's ex-boyfriend? The one she was always going on about after the whole Brody thing? Which, by the way," he bent down and whispered conspiratorially next to Kurt's ear, "I heard he dropped out and now is doing the escort thing full-time." Kurt's mouth opened in the shape of an o.

"Seriously? That's fucked up." Kurt said shaking his head. He let what Adam had just told him sink in for a minute. "Yeah he was Rachel's ex and my step brother." Realization dawned on Adam's face.

"Oh yes of course. What of him?"

"He's dead." Kurt blurted out flatly. "He died a few days after Blaine and I got engaged. I hadn't been able to see him when i was there last, he had gone out of town for some reason and wasn't there. Blaine had wanted to get him to come to the proposal," he gave a wry glance to Adam, "it was a big event, okay? Everyone else was there." Adam smiled as he sat down again and took Kurt's hand.

"I'm so sorry Kurt, I remember you talking about him." Kurt sniffed back the oncoming tears. He thought he had cried his last ones but there always seemed to be more.

"I mean, I just talked to him a day or two earlier and had told him about the proposal and he had been so happy for Blaine and I and was excited for us and then my dad is calling me to come home because there's been an accident." He stared blankly into space.

"I am so sorry Kurt, I truly am. How are you holding up?" He looked at Kurt with concern.

"I'm fine, I've got Blaine and he's been my rock through all this. I couldn't have done it without him. But Rachel," he sighed heavily. "Rachel isn't doing so well. You know she got the lead in the revival of Funny Girl right before this happened. But now, most days she can barely get out of bed. Santana and I don't know what to do." He sighed again.

"Do you think it would be all right if i went over to see her?" Kurt glanced over at him and gave a slight smile.

"I think she'd like that. She's always liked you. She used to tell me that if I wasn't going to be with Blaine, she was glad I was going out with you." Adam chuckled.

"At least she has good taste." He stood again, this time knowing he had to go. "I've got to go Kurt. I've a rehearsal in a few minutes, our last for the year. Our concert is next week, hope you can come."

"I'll be there." Kurt hopped up quickly and gave him a long hug. "Thank you" he whispered into Adam's ear.

"There's nothing to thank me for Kurt." He gave Kurt a half smile as they broke apart.

"No, there is, you were a great boyfriend and i wasn't and for that, I'm truly sorry. Thanks for being so nice about this, other people might not have been."

"In another place and time, I might not have been either." He sighed as he gave Kurt a long glance. "You're something special Kurt Hummel, hope your Blaine knows that." He smiled sadly then turned to leave. "I'll see you next week."

Kurt sat there quietly watching him go, wondering how he had gotten so lucky to have such wonderful people come into his life. His thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of his phone, his ringtone for Blaine now 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars.

"Hey my gorgeous fiancé." Blaine cooed into the phone. "Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you."

Kurt smiled, he was indeed a fortunate man.

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